Thieves attempt to steal ATM after smashing pickup truck into 7-Eleven in Prince George's County

Police in Prince George's County say three men in a pickup truck crashed into a 7-Eleven and attempted to steal the automatic teller machine inside.

The incident was reported around 2:45 a.m. on Watkins Park Drive in Kettering, Maryland.

In March, a similar ATM heist was reported at a 7-Eleven store in Lanham. Police described a similar scenario where thieves using a pickup truck drove into the store front, pushed the ATM into the back of the vehicle and drove off. Police say they later found the stolen ATM and others on fire.

In January, police reported another similar incident involving a stolen pickup truck being used to smash into a 7-Eleven on Cedar Street in northwest, D.C. The thieves, police say, jumped out pushed the ATM into the bed of the truck, and drove away.

Police have not said if any ot the similar incidents are connected. Police say the incident in Kettering is still under investigation.