The Rock makes dream come true for boy battling cancer

Bay Area native Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson is granting a wish to a boy who is battling cancer.

Seven-year-old Gabriel Singleton also known as "Tater" was diagnosed with stage 4 Neuroblastoma in September of 2011. He has been battling cancer ever since.

Tater's family posted a message to the Rock on Facebook. In the message Tater says, "Losing my hair made me sad, but seeing you rock your bald head made it easier! I think you are strong, but I am very strong too. I've been stuck by hundreds of needles, have had tons of shots, gone through eight surgeries, too many blood and platelet transfusion, lots and lots of chemo treatments, radiation therapy, tests, scans and two stem cell transplants. You inspire me with your positive attitude."

Tater's message went viral, and The Rock responded in a big way.