'The NFL has ghosted us': Former Washington Football Team employees scrutinize investigation

Dan Snyder and the Washington Football Team are in the center of a media hurricane after emails connected to an investigation of the team's culture and workplace misconduct led to Jon Gruden parting ways with the Las Vegas Raiders.

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Now, Washington employees are left with more questions than answers as the results of that investigation remain up in the air.

More than 150 current and former Washington Football Team employees spoke to investigators about the team's hostile work environment and "boy's club" culture involving sexual harassment.

But, after months of work and recounting personal stories, they never got to read the report. And the NFL says that's because there never was a formal report.

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"Why won't the NFL release the findings and why won't the NFL tell us its reasoning, right?" says the attorney for former Washington employees Lisa Banks. "They're just not talking. And they leave us with nothing else to believe other than they are in the business of protecting Dan Snyder on this issue and that's not OK when you're talking about 20 years of harassment and abuse." 

Banks says her clients are feeling outraged that they can't get any sort of interaction from the NFL after participating in the investigation in good faith.

She says one of them told her, "The NFL has ghosted us."

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The Wall Street Journal also reported that the emails tagged as part of the investigation raised issues beyond its original scope, including Gruden's conduct.

The Washington Football Team officials publicly have no comment about the emails Gruden sent containing racist, sexist and homophobic comments.

"This involves people who are no longer with this organization and we're focusing on the future," one official said.

Now the question is what else is in those emails and will it come to light?

"I think this is, actually I'm happy it came out because it's indicative of the larger culture issue within the NFL, not just Washington Football Team," says former employee Megan Imbert. "It also sheds light on this might be a bigger problem." 

FOX 5 also spoke with former Washington cheerleader Melanie Coburn who became the Marketing Director until 2011.

She says she's also frustrated that the investigation into the team's workplace misconduct has still not been made public.

"I’m sure a lot was uncovered based on the stories that I know alone from all of us that participated in that investigation," she says. "The women and men that I worked with over the years, we shared and bonded over horrific stories that we faced together in the trenches."

FOX 5 reached out to the Washington Football Team for comment on Coburn's comments, but the team was not able to provide one.


The NFL did not immediately respond to FOX 5's request for comment.