Teen murdered in Montgomery County stole iPad, drugs, officials say

One of two Montgomery County teens killed earlier this month may have stolen drugs and an iPad from the girlfriend of one of his murderers, according to court documents.

A witness tipped police to the names of the suspects - Edgar Garcia, Roger Garcia, and Jose Canales-Yanez - and said the murders were payback for a theft.

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Officials said the evening of June 5, Shadi Najjar sent a text message to his girlfriend saying he was going to sell a graduation ticket to Roger Garcia, a fellow Northwest High School student.

But Roger Garcia told police he didn't know Shadi Najjar, although he admitted to graduating from the same high school.

Shadi Najjar's parents, Cristina and Adi Najjar, believe their 17-year-old son was set up and deny what was written in the court affidavit.

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"Please if there are no facts about the matter, if there is no proof, do not bad mouth my beautiful boy," Adi Najjar pleaded outside the courthouse on Monday.

Police said Shadi Najjar and Artem Ziberov were shot multiple times by three gunmen using three different caliber handguns in Montgomery Village. In all, authorities said 30 shell casings were found at the scene.

The court documents didn't mention Ziberov having any connection with the theft or drugs. The 18-year-old was an Eagle Scout planning to attend college.

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Prosecutors said one of the suspects was arrested in a car with a bag filled with clothes - an indication he was attempting to flee, according to officials.

A judge ordered the three suspects to be held without bond. They were scheduled to be back in court on July 14.