Teen accused of fatally shooting DuVal High School student denied bail

The 17-year-old suspect accused of shooting and killing a DuVal High School student after she left school has been ordered to remain in jail without bond.

A judge rejected an argument from the attorney of the suspect Monday to allow home detention during a bond hearing at the Prince George’s County courthouse. Attorney Gabriel Christian is representing the suspect.

"Our guy, we just got retained by his parents, and we will make sure he gets his day in court," Christian said. "Justice is done. We believe that’s fair, but we are pained and saddened by yet another death in our county."

Christian listed reasons including the suspect’s age, clean criminal history, and lack of evidence directly tying him to the Palamar Drive shooting. The victim, 16-year-old Jayda Medrano Moore, was shot on Monday, Sept. 11 after police say she was on her way home from Duval High School. Jayda was walking along Palamar Drive where there were two groups of people who were in a dispute. Police say the 16-year-old girl tried to intervene and was shot by the 17-year-old suspect, who is a student at Flowers High School.

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Family, friends remember DuVal High School student gunned down walking home from class

William Porter, assistant state’s attorney for Prince George’s County, argued in support of the suspect remaining in jail without bond. In response to the lack of criminal history, Porter said the suspect is 17 and "should not have one."

"Our investigation was that this young girl was pistol-whipped, the gun was placed to her head. She was shot point-blank. We did not feel this was an accident," Porter told reporters after the hearing Monday. "We will be pursuing first-degree murder charges unless we see something different."


Emotions run high at DuVal High School day after student killed nearby in broad daylight shooting

Grief counselors and extra security are in place at DuVal High School in Prince Geroge's County Tuesday one day after a teenage girl was shot and killed in broad daylight while walking home from class.

Algenis Liriano, Jayda's uncle, was at the hearing on Monday.

"It still doesn’t bring her back to life, you know? It still doesn’t bring her back," Liriano said. "A message to the kids out there, please…please…come on, if it’s a silly fight…just no need for guns. There’s no need for guns."

The family is processing the teenager’s death day by day, he added.

"This is tough because we lost her…not her biological dad, but her dad…in April. It’s been really tough for them," he said.

The suspect is facing multiple charges including first-degree murder. A preliminary hearing is set for Oct. 16 at 8:45 a.m. 

When asked, his attorney said he was "not at liberty" to disclose his name due to his age.