Teacher holds student's baby during lecture, internet goes gaga for professor

A university professor who rocked a baby carrier to hold a student's child has gone viral.

In a tweet that has been shared over 11,000 times, Brianna Arvizo tweeted her professor holding a peer's baby, who later opted to wear the baby carrier after his arms grew tired-- what a sport!

"I had never seen so many girls pull out their phones to take a photo," Arvizo told FOX 5.

Rest assured the internet wasted no time in showering Professor Daniel Fred with "aww's" and many inquiries about his "@" name. We hate to be the barrier of bad news but "Mr.Eye Candy" is happily married and a father of three.

Arvizo is a student at the University of Nevada Reno where Professor Fred teaches a class in substance abuse. He's also the founder of a program at the university called NRAP (Nevada's Recovery and Prevention) where he helps students recover from behavioral and substance addictions.

She described Mr. Fred as a caring and very accommodating teacher. So she thought nothing more of the situation that propelled him to social media fame.

Keep up the fabulous work Professor Fred! Your students, and clearly the rest of the internet, are thoroughly engaged.