Taking Eid for a spin, a Montgomery mosque celebrates the end of Ramadan with a car parade

Hoping this will help give members the fuel to push through these difficult times, volunteers at the Islamic Education Center in Potomac, MD decided to hold a car parade in celebration of Eid this year.

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Eid al Fitr is the holy holiday marking the end to Muslim period of Ramadan, a month of reflection, prayer and fasting sun-up to sun-down. It’s one of the holiest times in the Muslim calendar.

On Sunday, volunteers greeted drivers with masks and gloves, handing-out a traditional meal some spent all night preparing. They also hired circus-style performers and gave goodie bags to the children.


Maryam Jelvani says the kids are why they decided to hold a car parade. But the adults were just as happy as the kids on Sunday!

"It’s really exciting because all of Ramadan, we have not had a chance to really see any community members. So it’s really befitting that on the day of Eid we’re able to all get together finally. It really makes it a nice celebration," said Jelvani, one of the volunteers.

"This is something. It’s not exactly what we had hoped for but I still get to see few familiar faces from afar. From inside my car," said Ali Saboori.

Saboori told FOX 5, Ramadan this year felt a little disconnected at times.

At the Sunday car parade, N-95 masks were also sold.

"I’ll have something to tell my kids in the future that we once had a Ramadan that we were never able to physically be around one another," said Saboori, who also said it makes him appreciate the past that much more.

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Located in Montgomery County, the Islamic Center Mosque is still closed for worship and other services are being streamed.

Masjid Mohammad in Washington D.C. was also planning a car parade to mark Eid. Several other Mosques in the area are streaming their celebrations under the circumstances.

Reza Baghaee-Rezaee, an Islamic Education Center Youth Coordinator, told FOX 5 the Islamic Center has also been providing meals to the community during this time of lockdown.

"Really the message is hope. This message is unity. This message is togetherness," he added.


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