Suspect in police shooting charged with second-degree murder

A man accused of shooting at Prince George's County District III Station with a .40 caliber handgun in an attempt to provoke officers to kill him has been charged with second-degree murder, police and prosecutors said Wednesday.

Michael Ford, 22, is facing 25 counts, including attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder, in the incident that turned fatal for Officer Jacai Colson, who was struck by friendly fire.

Police have said Ford fired on the station to draw officers' attention and hoped to die in a "suicide by cop."
His two brothers, Malik, 21, and Elijah, 18, drove him to the station and used their cellphones to record video of the shooting, according to police. They also made a video of their older brother's "last will and testament" minutes before the shooting started, police said.

A judge denied bond for both Malik and Elijah Ford during a hearing Wednesday afternoon.
The brothers appeared in a Prince George's County court via closed-circuit television. Malik had to be treated by medical staff for a few minutes after he collapsed during the hearing.

A man who identified himself as their father said that Elijah and Malik had nothing to do with it and what was being said was hearsay.

Elijah and Malik Ford are still facing attempted murder and conspiracy charges and remain behind bars.

Two officials who have seen the cell videos shot by Malik and Elijah Ford said there were excited cries of "That's my brother" and "That's my dog" as the shooting commenced outside the District Three station Sunday afternoon. As Michael Ford fell wounded, the tone of the brothers' comments changed to what the officials described as sadness.

A family member to the brothers said that they were not videotaping the shooting because he wanted to be a YouTube star but because no one would believe him.