Suspect charged in murder of Upper Marlboro woman

Prince George's County police say a suspect has been arrested for the murder of a 56-year-old woman who was found in her Upper Marlboro home.

Detectives say they focused in on the suspect early in the investigation based on interviews and evidence they collected at the crime scene. Police have charged Mitchell Cole with first-degree murder of Amanda Jones.

As the 56-year-old Cole was being transported by detectives to the Department of Corrections, Cole said, "No," when asked if he killed Jones.

The daughter of the victim, Myisha Golway, saw her mother alive for the last time on Monday. Jones provided day care for children, but on Tuesday morning, the parents of those kids called Golway.

"They were telling me that she wasn't answering the door, so I left work to come and see what was going on and I came inside," said Golway. "That's when I found her."

Police say her 56-year-old mother was killed Monday in her house suffering from trauma to the body.

There was reportedly a deadly struggle between Cole and Jones inside the Upper Marlboro home.

Cole has a lengthy criminal record dating back to 2008 for charges including robbery and assault.

Cole's friend and former neighbor said the accusations are a far cry from the man he knew who once lived next door.

"It's mind blowing," Jeremy Hill said. "I couldn't see Mitchell doing something like that."

Hill said he saw Cole earlier this week wearing a sling.

"He's still local in the area," he said. "I see him every now and then at the gas station ... I talked to him Monday afternoon. He just had his shoulder operated on."

Before her daughter came to the house on Tuesday, Prince George's County police say they received calls on Monday night and Tuesday morning for welfare checks. But they cleared both of those calls.

"There were two calls for service and police officers did go to the scene and investigate based on the information they were given," said Prince George's County Police spokesperson Julie Parker.

Police and 911 communications say the emergency caller from Monday night was on the phone with Jones and heard her scream, heard a struggle and then the call was disconnected.

911 was then contacted and the call was made a high priority and police were immediately dispatched.

But according to the summary they received about the 911 call, police believed this all happened outside of the home and they walked around the house, but did not go inside.

"From what I understand, they can't just go inside, but it's just really sad that someone can hear something and the police can't do anything because of stupid protocol," said Golway.

Police say there is more information on the welfare checks, but for now, they are satisfied this murder case was closed quickly.

"Our detectives have been working nonstop since we developed this person in this case," said Parker. "There have been numerous interviews, discussions with witnesses, and of course, collection of evidence that is leading to this suspect."

Golway's cousin has been helping her handle the shock of losing her mother.

"I believe God will definitely give her the strength and courage to remember her mom for who she was and not the last time she seen her," said Teairra Jones.

"She's just a really strong person, a really strong woman," said Golway. "I always turn to her for advice. She was just always there for me -- whatever I needed."

Jones' daughter has a message for her mother's killer.

"I just want them to know, and I'm sure that they know -- they took a beautiful person from this world, from their family," Golway said.