Substitute teacher taped second-grade student to chair, principal says

School officials in Anne Arundel County say a substitute teacher taped a second-grade student to his chair.

Lake Shore Elementary School principal Julie Little-McVearry said in a letter to parents that the incident happened on Wednesday during regular classroom instruction and she became aware of it from a parent later that night.

"During regular classroom instruction, the teacher, a long-term substitute, remarked to a student that if he did not return to his seat, she would tape him to his chair," Little-McVearry wrote in the letter. "The student found the remark funny, and the teacher proceeded to do as she said she would."

Police were informed about the incident and the principal contacted Anne Arundel County Public Schools' human resources division, according to the letter.

Little-McVearry said the teacher's conduct "is never acceptable in a school setting" and she will not be placed as a substitute at any school until the "matter is resolved."

"I was shocked and appalled upon hearing about this incident," said Little-McVearry. "Our school is a place where every child is embraced, loved, and nurtured. I am in the process of looking for another long-term substitute for the class and will keep parents updated as appropriate. We are continuing to investigate this matter."