Student with special needs shines on Virginia football field

A special needs student with a passion for football finally got his shot on the field during the last game of the season at his high school.

Jeffrey Creighton, who has an intellectual disability called Fragile X, has spent three years as student manager of the Chantilly High School football team. His coach decided that for the final game of his senior year, he would put him in for a play.

"Oh, he's so excited," said Coach Mike Lalli. "He can't stop talking about it and smiling. He keeps asking if he's going to get to score a touchdown."

Jeffrey was at the front of the pack as the team ran out onto the field Friday night. He told FOX 5 he wasn't nervous, and that his teammates had given him advice.

While his time on the field was brief, his teammates made every second count with their cheers and encouragement. They yelled his name the entire time, and surrounded him as he returned to the sidelines, telling him how well he'd done.

When it was over, Jeffrey's smile said it all.

"Excited!" he said when asked how he felt.

Jeffrey's parents were there cheering him on. They said being part of the team has helped their son in a lot of ways and given him a place at his school.

"Just being really embraced by these boys," said his dad, Bill Creighton. "They've taken him in and made him feel like he is really truly part of the team."

Jeffrey's mom said she knows this is something her son will never forget.

"I'm speechless," said Andrea Creighton. "It was just so touching to see him in his glory. He absolutely loves the sport."