String of mysterious gunfire hitting homes, vehicles in Prince William County

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Prince William County police are struggling to explain a string of recent shootings in the Woodbridge area. No one has been wounded or injured, but there have been at least ten homes hit by gunfire since mid-February in the county.

The gunfire has been reported at different times of day. On Stockholm Way in Woodbridge, there have been two shootings - one of them on Friday night at around 11 p.m. in which a number of people called police to report hearing an argument and then gunfire.

In the same block three days later, a homeowner called police to say his home had been hit by gunfire - perhaps the night before when he heard a loud noise.

At this point, police believe they are two separate incidents.

About five miles from there, police found another home and a car riddled with bullets.

Just before 2 a.m. Saturday morning, Prince William County police said a man called to say he had heard gunfire out in front of his house. When police arrived, they found a bullet hole nearby a window on the second floor of the home and two others also on the exterior of the home. They also found bullet holes in a car parked out on the street and a number of shell casings.

"Someone knows what's going on," said Prince William County Officer Nathan Probus. "At this point, all we have is someone is shooting at a house at different locations. We don't know if they are connected or not. We are finding shell casings in different locations where gunshots are heard."

In the intersection of Benita Fitzgerald Drive and Brazil Circle just after 5 p.m. Sunday, multiple people called to say they heard gunshots and police found shell casings. But no one saw the shooter.

"We don't have any gunman, any vehicles, any suspicious persons who may have been in the area," said Probus. "The only thing that we are recovering at this point is the fact that someone has heard gunshots, and then later through our investigation, we have been able to locate shell casings in the roadway or bullets in a home."

Back in mid-February, someone fired rounds into six different homes on Banjo Court. But in that case, no shell casings were found.

At this point, police have no idea why anyone would want to target homes like that.

Police said it is unknown if the shootings are the work of one person or multiple people and they are either unwilling or unable to say whether any of the ballistics have been able to link any of these shootings.