Stafford County parents upset over rezoning boundaries

A redistricting plan in Stafford, Virginia could disrupt students’ day-to-day routine. 

Some parents are upset about the new boundaries and have mentioned that the redistricting plan will uproot their children from their neighborhood elementary school and move them to a new one, miles away.

In the fall, students in the Park Ridge neighborhood in Stafford will pass their current elementary school to attend another one.

FOX 5’s Tisha Lewis reports about 143 students could be impacted.

Overcrowding is reportedly fueling the redistricting.


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Stafford County Public Schools' spokesperson tells FOX 5 that many factors are considered before a final decision is made, and the community was invited to provide input regarding five options for the Park Ridge redistricting. 

Most parents were reportedly against it, but the school board moved forward with the plan.

James Haberstat says his daughter will be starting fourth grade at a new elementary school in the fall unless the school district changes course. That means she goes from walking to school to a 20-minute commute each way.

"There's a bus driver shortage and having the kids going to Garrisonville [Elementary School], it's going to increase traffic, more congestion. I mean, I can walk to the school faster than it takes to drive to the school," Haberstat said. 

Stafford County Public Schools says all information was carefully weighed before the school board made the decision that best balances enrollment across the area.

Residents in the Park Ridge neighborhood point out their current elementary school is less than a mile away and many students walk.

The only students spared from the change are those graduating from the elementary school next year, however, transportation will not be provided for them.