Shuttered Charles Co. BBQ restaurant underwent last inspection over a year ago, source says

FOX 5 obtained documentation from a reliable source close to the Charles County Department of Health Tuesday showing that recently shut down George's BBQ in Indian Head had been missing several routine inspections.

A list we found shows the dates of all calls or inspections by the health department for the BBQ restaurant. There were eight health department complaints about the restaurant in March 2019. all coming days after a now viral video was originally posted online showing startling conditions inside of George's BBQ's kitchen.

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The source confirmed to FOX 5 the last inspection for the restaurant occurred on January 11, 2018 -- more than a year ago.

FOX 5 asked Lisa Laschalt, the Charles County director of environmental health services, about how often restaurants should be inspected. She told us George's BBQ is classified as a high priority facility, which means it should be inspected at least three times a year.

Some of the issues seen in the video were stated in a health department report that was taken the last time the restaurant was inspected in 2018. A violation claims an oven table used to prep raw meat could lead to a potential of cross-contamination. It also says there was a hole in the wall above mop hangers. The violation clearly states the restaurant hasn't reapplied for a food license.

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FOX 5 asked the Charles County Department of Health about the infrequent health inspections and they told us that they would need to answer that question at a later time.

We also filed a request with the health department asking for the dates of all health inspections for every restaurant in the county. We are waiting for those papers.

Charles County currently has three full-time health inspectors for the entire county.