Shutdown, but not shut out: Things to do in DC during a government shutdown

Many attractions in the district could close for an unpredictable amount of time as the federal government inches closer to a shutdown. Here are some things to do in D.C. in the case of a government shutdown.


Government Shutdown: What does it mean, who does it affect and how long could it last?

The federal government is just days away from a shutdown that will disrupt many services, squeeze workers and roil politics as Republicans in the House, fueled by hard-right demands, force a confrontation over federal spending.


Eye-catching monuments like the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument and WWII Memorial will remain open to the public during a shutdown. While restrooms and gift shops will probably close, the photogenic structures will be open for admiration.

Arlington National Cemetery:

Arlington National Cemetery will stay open in case of a shutdown. They will also continue the changing of the guard at the tomb of the unknown soldier.  


The Beyond the Light exhibit at ARTECHOUSE is an indoor activity that will stay open for business in case of a shutdown. FOX 5 took a field trip to the exhibit to learn more.

Washington National Cathedral:

The freshly installed stained-glass windows at the National Cathedral will be on full display, even during a shutdown. The new windows illustrate themes of racial justice.

O Museum In The Mansion:

The O Museum in Northwest will stay up and running during a shutdown- and so will its Halloween decorations! To learn more, check out FOX 5’s field trip to the museum. 

Take A Walking Tour:

Appreciating the beauty of D.C. doesn’t always require an inside look. A walking tour of the city is a great way to learn and explore all that D.C. has to offer, even if the federal government shuts down.


Government shutdown almost certain after last-ditch effort collapses

A federal government shutdown is almost certain after House Speaker Kevin McCarthy's last-ditch plan to keep the government temporarily open collapsed.