New Virginia laws go into effect on July 1

Starting July 1, 2024, several new laws will be implemented in Virginia

The laws primarily focus on procedural adjustments rather than significant substantive changes. 

The maximum compensation rate will increase to $1,410, while the minimum compensation rate will rise to $352.50. 

Additionally, the cost of living adjustment rate will be 3.35% starting October 1, 2024, a notable decrease from the previous year's rate of 6.4%.

For law-abiding citizens who like to stay updated, FOX 5 has created a list of the changes taking place in the Commonwealth in 2024.

HB 205: Prompt Payment, Limitation on Claims


School board wants workers comp for Virginia teacher shot by 6-year-old boy in classroom

The Virginia school district where a 6-year-old shot his teacher argues that her injuries fall under the state's workers compensation act and cannot be addressed through her $40 million lawsuit , according to court documents filed Wednesday.

This bill limits the timeframe for employers or workers’ compensation carriers to seek recovery of payments made to healthcare providers to within one year of the payment date. It also restricts healthcare providers from contesting payment sufficiency claims to within one year of receiving the last payment. This aims to eliminate "ancient" claims for treatment predating July 1, 2024, easing investigation and defense processes.

HB 1418: Administrative Process Act

The Administrative Process Act exempts certain rules of the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission from the Administrative Process Act requirements, provided there is an opportunity for public comment before adoption. This bill primarily clarifies previous informal rulemaking practices.

SB 241: Notice of Denial and Right to Dispute Denial

SB 241 requires employers or insurers to include in their denial letters a notice informing employees of their right to dispute the claim denial through the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission. Specific language for this notice is mandated by the statute.


New Virginia laws 2024: Youngkin acts on 107 bills, vetoes 7

Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin acted on 107 bills on Thursday, signing 100 and vetoing seven – including bills that would have allowed a recreation marijuana marketplace to begin next year and measures mandating a minimum wage increase.

Virginia continues to experience divided political control. The Republican Party holds the Governor’s Mansion while Democrats control both General Assembly divisions. 

As these new laws take effect, the state aims to streamline procedural matters and provide clearer guidelines for both employers and employees in workers' compensation cases. The focus on these adjustments reflects an ongoing effort to improve the efficiency and fairness of the previous systems in place.