Sen. Muse condemns Prince George's County alleged grade fixing

Sen. Anthony Muse called for the resignation of Prince George's County Public Schools (PGCPS) CEO Dr. Kevin Maxwell after more than 140 seniors were highlighted for last-minute "assistance."

Muse said upwards of 70 percent of students entering Prince George's Community College must take up to two years of remedial classes before they can begin regularly scheduled undergraduate curriculum.

"We have turned a two year college into a four year college," Muse said.

Parents have come forward alleging that students' grades were changed from failing to passing, and teachers admitted to changing grades under pressure from the administration.

Maxwell is credited with improving PGCPS high school graduation rates from 74.1 percent since he took over in 2013 to 81.4 percent in 2016.

The state found no evidence of grade fixing during past investigations. Maxwell said the accusations were baseless, though he declined to appear with Muse on FOX 5 Tuesday morning.

"Just come out and give an answer. Come out and listen to the teachers. Not appearing today is the same as not appearing in front of hundreds of parents who went to the school to talk about it," Muse said.