Security guard opens up his heart and house to a homeless father and son

A security guard opened up his heart and home to a homeless father and son, who were total strangers.

LaMont Hammond and his 8-year-old son did not have enough money for a hotel room, so the proud father took his son to the nearby Waffle House to plan his next move.

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That is where he met security guard Amen Webster who said he could see the pain all over Mr. Hammond's face.

Webster went over to Hammond's table and asked what was wrong.

"I really was about to cry, but I was trying to be strong for my son. I did not have enough money for a hotel room. They were all too expensive. I was stressed out because I didn't want my son to have to stay in the streets," the 37-year-old said.

"I have been homeless before and I can see it a mile away. I just trusted in the Lord and decided I would let them stay with me" Webster said.

Mr. Hammond said his stay with Officer Webster will be short. He works at Zaxby's, gets a disability check and hopes to use his tax refund to secure his own two bedroom apartment Thursday.

Webster said he will be there for the Hammonds as long as they need him.

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