Sea lice being reported in Ocean City, officials say

Reports for sea lice are seeing an uptick in Ocean City, according to officials.

Ocean City Beach Patrol reported that it has received many calls about sea lice and stated the Eastern Seaboard is experiencing the natural phenomenon.

Sea lice are actually a form of tiny jellyfish. According to the Florida Department of Health, sea lice, also sometimes called seabathers, are microscopic jellyfish called thimble jellyfish.

Stings from the tiny jellyfish can cause a red rash, generally called dermatitis, with red, itchy or burning bumps that appear within four to 24 hours after exposure.

Some people may feel a "prickling" sensation while they are in the water. Officials recommend rinsing with fresh water soon after leaving the ocean. Some over-the-counter remedies are suggested by the Florida DoH, which recommends seeing a medical professional if you feel you have been exposed to sea lice.