School board members call for independent investigation into Virginia teacher caught with drugs in classroom

School board members in Spotsylvania are calling for an independent investigation into the teacher who was caught with drugs in a classroom last week.

What started as a work session to discuss agenda items and business turned into a heated argument Monday afternoon. 

Board member April Gillespie requested the district look deeper into the second-grade teacher who is accused of having drugs in a classroom at Spotswood Elementary School. The motion was seconded by Board member Lisa Phelps.

"I made a motion to obtain a 3rd party to investigate," Gillespie told FOX 5. 

35-year-old Candyce Carter is the second-grade elementary school teacher who was allegedly caught with a drug described as a white powdery substance.

According to Board Vice Chair Nicole Cole, this is a personnel matter meant for a closed session.

"They don’t want to address the safety of students, and our community and our teachers," Phelps said during the meeting.


Virginia teacher caught with drugs in classroom; Husband arrested in school parking lot

A second-grade teacher at Spotswood Elementary School was arrested on Thursday after being found under the influence of drugs in her classroom, authorities said.

After a brief heated moment, the board then went into a closed session.

"The situation is scary and it’s very serious for me, and for the children and parents. It’s extremely scary," Phelps told FOX 5. 

In a statement, Spotsylvania County school leaders say no students were injured or exposed to the powdery substance.

During the investigation, Carter's husband, Kristopher, was found in the parking lot. Investigators say he was also under the influence of narcotics –  with a 2-year-old in the car.

He was also arrested.

Board member Phelps says it’s time for the school district to take a look at their policies, and how they communicate these incidents.


Spotsylvania school aide fired, charged for allegedly hitting 6-year-old with shoe

A school aide in Spotsylvania has been fired for allegedly hitting a 6-year-old with a shoe.

Back in April, a behavioral specialist at another elementary school was charged with assaulting a 6-year-old student with a shoe

Phelps says she didn’t find out until last week – and it wasn’t from anyone in the school district.