Scammers making phone calls pretending to be DC police, officials say

D.C. police are warning the public to be aware of phone calls that may appear to be from them.

They say scammers are disguising their phone numbers so that it appears to be from D.C. Police or 911.

The scammers do this to try to take your money, or your personal information, D.C. police said.

Investigators say scam callers have been making claims that an abandoned car registered in your name was located with drugs inside of it. They also have been known to say your personal information was used to open several bank accounts, and say that your social security number was compromised.

If you get a call from someone who claims to be from the D.C. police - or any other law enforcement agency - asking for money or personal information, just hang up.

If you've been targeted by these scammers, visit the Treasure Department's website, or contact the Federal Trade Commission.