'Road Shark' program implemented in Fairfax County to deter aggressive driving

Police are cracking down on dangerous driving in Fairfax County.

Officials announced the start of what they’re calling the "Road Shark" program Monday, describing it as "a high-visibility and coordinated enforcement and education effort to deter aggressive driving, reduce crashes, and change driving behavior."

Road Shark was first implemented in 1999, and it means drivers are likely to see officers in various parts of the county looking for violations including aggressive driving, speeding, DUIs, school zone violations, and distracted driving. They also plan to pay close attention to car meet-ups, which officials said have recently been the source of several dangerous incidents.

"If we’re successful, we’ll see a decrease in fatal crashes at the end of this calendar year, a decrease in injury crashes, less aggressive driving, less hands-free violations occurring on our highways," said Fairfax County Police Lt. Col. Robert Blakley, the deputy chief of police for operations.


New speed cameras placed in Fairfax County aim to reduce car accidents

A new series of speed cameras are going live in Fairfax County on Friday in eight school zones across the county.

Blakley said that’s what has happened when Road Shark has been used in the past. He added that the program is expected to run during four separate weeks in 2023, with this current week being the first one.