Recently adopted dog with bucket list passes away from cancer

A dog suffering from terminal cancer and was working on fulfilling his bucket list has sadly passed away, according to the Animal Welfare League of Arlington.

"Smoke" was recently up for adoption and had a long list of items created for him to experience during his remaining days, which included finding a forever family, riding in a fire truck, meeting a celebrity, visiting Nationals Park and being on television. FOX 5 was able to help Smoke accomplish the latter as he appeared on "Good Day DC" last month.

The Animal Welfare League of Arlington was able to help Smoke find a forever home, but unfortunately, the 10-year-old hound died this week.

"It is with a heavy heart that we pass along the news that the beloved Smoke passed away this week," the animal group posted on Facebook. "He was loved by all who met him, most especially by his family. His mom said 'Smoke was one of the most gentle and loving dogs I have met. He would always take the gentle approach with other dogs if he sensed any anxiety or aggression. He loved every person he met and he loved to lay next to me.' Up until the very end, lounging was one of his favorite past times (as you can see from the pictures!).

"We're so grateful to Smoke's family for letting him check off that final item from his bucket list - a loving home," said Animal Welfare League of Arlington President and CEO Sam Wolbert. "We also want to thank our entire community for supporting Smoke during his time with us, and helping his final months be the best they could possibly be."