Questions arise over plans for private tutoring by teachers in Fairfax County

In Fairfax County, FOX 5 has discovered teachers are advertising paid tutoring services as school districts across the area prepare to start school via distance learning.

Reaction is mixed from parents and the district’s policy does have a loophole.

Parents said they’re seeing posts from teachers offering to tutor during the school day.

Here’s the policy from Fairfax County Public Schools:

FCPS Regulation 4705 explains that FCPS employees may tutor or provide private instruction to FCPS students but may not, under any circumstances, tutor or instruct their own students for private compensation. 

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This likely explains these posts on Facebook where teachers are gearing up to moonlight and offer their services to families in need.

The district’s policy goes on to say, “Individuals providing private tutoring or instruction for pay do so as independent contractors, not FCPS employees, and must notify parents of that fact."

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Also, FOX 5's Tisha Lewis was told instructors may only receive compensation for tutoring on private instruction that occurs outside contract hours, regardless of where the tutoring occurs.

An FCPS parent who wished to remain anonymous said she discovered teachers across the district advertising paid tutoring services ahead of the virtual start implying they will tutor during the school day or teacher work day.

So far, superintendent Scott Brabrand has been silent on this.

One of the board members says it’s against policy, but allowed depending on the circumstances.

One parent said she finds it worrisome that teachers are looking to profit off of what she described as an inferior educational experience referring to virtual learning and once again we’re hearing this separates the haves from the have nots — families who can afford this and those who can’t.

The schools say that for the most part it is not allowed without approval from the district.