Protective orders by estranged wife, ex-wife led to open arrest warrants for Glenn Tyndell

New details have been revealed in protective orders filed against the suspected gunman who killed Prince George's County Police Cpl. Mujahid Ramzziddin.

The Prince George's County State's Attorney's Office said a protective order was filed by Glenn Tyndell's estranged wife stemming from a theft incident in January. According to the order, she alleged Tyndell stole a locked briefcase from their family home that included most of her personal documents that included a passport, social security card and her spare car keys, which prompted her to request the protective order. She also claimed that Tyndell told her that if she dropped the order, he would then return her personal belongings. Due to that incident, there was an open warrant for his arrest.

Last week, there were two other alleged assault incidents that happened on Valentine's Day and the following day. Details about those incidents remain under seal at this time. However, the Prince George's County State's Attorney's Office believe that also prompted two other open arrest warrants for the 37-year-old man.

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Officials said the sheriff's office has made several attempts to arrest Tyndell. Before the deadly shooting of Cpl. Ramzziddin, deputies were seeking to take him into custody as part of an arrest warrant sweep set for Wednesday night.

"They did everything that they possibly could have done," said Prince George's County State's Attorney's Office spokesperson John Erzen. "We are talking about not only going to his home, but going to his mother's home, going to a home in Charles County where they believed he may have spent time, doing surveillance at some of these addresses where they are actually sitting, waiting to see if he is going to show up. These are all things that show a very active pursuit of the suspect in this case and I think that it really shows the sheriff's department was very committed and very determined.

"Getting him on the phone with the help of his wife to try to convince him to turn himself in - they understood who they were dealing with, that things were escalating, that they needed to very quickly apprehend him and they did everything that they could."

FOX 5 has also learned that a protective order was filed by another woman, Tyndell's ex-wife, in 2017 and that this order had remained active.

The State's Attorney's Office said it is still working to confirm if the shotgun that was used to kill Ramzziddin was lawfully owned. If it were, they are also trying to figure out why it was still in Tyndell's possession while he was under an active protective order.

Tyndell was shot to death by Prince George's County officers after leading police on a chase following the deadly shooting of Ramzziddin.