Property crimes continue in Adams Morgan; residents turn to council member for support

Adams Morgan resident Nick Woodfield is the latest victim of a crime in his neighborhood. The area is just one community within D.C.'s Ward 1 that's experiencing a rise in property crimes.  

Woodfield's home security camera captured video of a man in his garage taking his bike, breaking open his garage door, and then riding off. 

It happened at 10:30 a.m. while Woodfield was at work. 

"I don't expect to get the bike back. But I really, at least, would like it if police told me that they were going to do something," Woodfield said. 

Woodfield filed a report online and sent the video to police, but he feels like there's not enough action from them. 

Tom Williams is Woodfield's neighbor. Williams had his garage broken into twice in one day, with the thief taking bikes and tools. 

"I'm concerned about the next person this happens to, you know? And I'm concerned when it moves from package theft and stealing bikes into burglarizing homes," Williams said.

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He was one of many Ward 1 residents who turned out Monday night to speak one-on-one with their council member, Brianne Nadeau. 

Nadeau held her monthly office hours at a local bar where residents could bring their concerns on any topic to her directly. 

"She needs to tell us a real actionable plan because that's our elected official," said one woman who lives in Shaw. 

She said she loves living in D.C. but is afraid to walk down the sidewalk in her neighborhood. The woman also said she's called D.C. police dozens of times for various crimes happening right in front of her home, and it doesn't seem to be helping. 

"Someone could coatjack you, carjack you, and just the level of unaccountability is feeling really scary," she said. 

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"I'm sure this isn't the first constituent issue she's heard on crime, and it certainly won't be the last," Williams said. 

He said Nadeau listened to his concerns, did not have a plan in place, but did agree that certain crimes are on the rise in his neighborhood. 

There is currently a community effort led by a Parkview business owner to recall Nadeau from her position on the city council. 

Everyone who spoke with FOX 5 Monday agreed there needs to be more police on the streets, sidewalks, and in neighborhoods. They all acknowledged the department faces a difficult situation with staffing and doesn't have control after a person is arrested. 

FOX 5 reached out to Councilmember Nadeau for an interview on the crime issue in Ward 1 throughout the day Monday, but was told she did not have time. She also declined to comment on the recall effort against her.