Program to provide monthly cash stipends for low-income families adopted in Prince George's County

Prince George's County has approved legislation to create a Guaranteed Basic Income Pilot Program for low-income families to receive monthly cash stipends.

The council adopted the legislation on Tuesday which is a 'no strings attached' program that is modeled after a similar one in Stockton, California.

Under the measure, low-income families would be given direct cash assistance to support their basic needs, such as food and utilities, without strings attached or repayment requirements. Residents selected to participate in the program will receive monthly cash stipends for 24 months to ensure the financial security of families, reduce debt and increase financial equity.


Prince George’s Co. proposal would provide basic income assistance to low-income families, elderly

Financial relief could be in the works for people who live at or below the poverty line in Prince George's County following a proposal for a pilot program to help residents take care of their basic needs.

Council Member Oriadha says the Guaranteed Basic Income Pilot Program will help address generational poverty, build economic stability and broaden the scope of public safety services for residents.

"Quite simply, there are vulnerable populations within Prince George’s County who will benefit from this type of support, and The People’s Council is committed to providing them with resources to ease their economic instability. This is something being done in many jurisdictions around the country, including our neighboring jurisdictions, and I believe it will be beneficial for us in many ways. I also hope that our support of this measure provides a segue for policy change at the federal level."

The District did a similar pilot program last year when they put $900 a month into the bank accounts of 132 young mothers to take care to their daily needs.

The funds will be provided by the Greater Washington Community Foundation.