Prince William County family suing condo over dangerous living conditions

A Prince William County family feels stuck in what they’re calling unacceptable and unsafe living conditions.

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"It is not safe and it is not healthy," said Janet DiTanna, Homeowner, Sherbrooke Condominium Unit.

The family says filing a lawsuit was a last resort, but the only way to get the attention of their Homeowner’s Association to fix the ongoing problems.

"I’m not happy because I was diagnosed with COPD and heart problems in the last five years in fact the time all this started happening so I’m questioning where did my health go wrong all of a sudden?," said Lucian DiTanna. "It’s ridiculous what we’re going through. It’s ridiculous."

 The family showed FOX 5’s Sierra Fox the inside of the home. The foundation is falling apart and they can feel the ground shifting and sinking. There are huge, long, deep cracks in the floors and on the walls. The mother recently slipped and broke her toes a result. Court documents reveal a pipe broke last summer and the wall torn down to fix it was never replaced. When it rains, the living room floods… ruining the family’s belongings that are now scattered everywhere to avoid the mold that’s spreading.

The attorney representing the family, Roya Vasseghi with Vasseghi Law PLLC, says the homeowner’s association is responsible for fixing all of this because they control the foundation along with other common elements causing issues.

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"The DiTannas want their life back. They want to be where they were before all of this started," said Vasseghi. "I honestly don’t know how they’ve been living here for this long in this condition."

She adds the HOA did ask the couple to move out so they can repair the issues, but the problem is they would have to move for four months and have no money to do that so now they are working on getting the HOA to pay for their relocation fees.

"We’re living in toxic conditions, I haven’t seen my daughters in a year. They’ve lived at the Hilton for a year when they’re not at college because they no longer have a home. They’re homeless," said DiTanna. "No one should be forced to have to live this way."

The attorney, David Trinnes, with Jordan Coyne LLP sent FOX 5 this statement:

"We cannot comment on pending litigation.  Repairs have already started on the exterior of units and interior work is scheduled to begin soon."