Prince George's County father turns pain into purpose

Anthony Britton with his son, Brandon, who died by suicide last year.

 Anthony Britton is turning his personal pain into purpose, and seeking to remove the stigmas of seeking help for mental health within communities of color.

Britton is the founder of the Hope and Encouragement Foundation, and a mental health advocate whose monthly forums specifically feature Black panelists in an effort to reach more Black people with mental health information.  

"We are not segregating the knowledge, that is not our intent.  We want to educate our African-American community about the trials and tribulations that are out there because right now it’s apparent but we’re not getting at the core," Britton said. 

The retired Army veteran started this mission to heal his heart after the life-changing loss of his son Brandon.  He says the foundation helps him manage his pain. 

"What I can do to balance the scale is to assist someone else.  To help someone else out who might be headed to that state.  And if I can do anything, I shouldn’t say I, but if the foundation can do anything to interview on their behalf, then our existence is worthwhile," Britton said.

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FOX 5 Photojournalist Ama Arthur-Asmah captured more of the Brittons' story: