Police, school officials concerned after multiple reports of strangers approaching children

Police and school officials raised the alarms in several communities this week after reports of attempted abductions.

Law enforcement is aware of incidents that occurred in Stafford County, Falls Church, and Oxon Hill earlier Friday morning.

The principal at Oxon Hill Elementary says a student was approached by a stranger in a car, rolled down a window, and asked if she needed a ride to school.

On Wednesday in Falls Church at the 2900 block of John Marshall Drive, a suspicious man walked up to a child at a bus stop and spoke to her.

The child ignored him and walked away.

Reports indicate that the man was also handing out food at a nearby park - no one was harmed.

On Thursday in Stafford County, the Sheriff's Office says, a suspicious person approached three children at a bus stop asking them if they needed a ride to school. The bus arrived once the man left his car.

The Oxon Hill Elementary School principal says a car approached a little girl who was walking to school.

He reportedly rolled down his window and asked the girl if she needed a ride to school. Another car pulled up beside the stranger and honked his horn, prompting the stranger to drive off.

The Oxon Hill stranger was driving a four-door dark gray car with tinted windows.

There are currently no indications that any of the incidents are related.