Police: No evidence of personal relationship between teens in New Year's Day murder

Police have found no evidence of a personal relationship in the New Year's Day murder-suicide of two Ellicott City teens.

Investigators say 15-year-old Sean Crizer shot and killed 16-year-old Charlotte Zaremba before turning the gun on himself after entering her home in the early morning hours of January 1.

A preliminary review of cell phone records and computers found no communication between the two, police say. The two attended the same school and lived in the same neighborhood, however, detectives believe they were only acquaintances and did not have a close friendship or relationship.

While Crizer's motives for entering Zaremba's home are still unknown, police can say that prior to the shooting he was entering homes in the neighborhood near his residence on Alice Avenue and stealing personal items. The gun that was used in the shooting was stolen in one of those earlier burglaries.

Investigators say they have located stolen property believed to have been taken by Crizer, including numerous pairs of women's underwear, family photographs, keys and jewelry, among other things.

Police believe two other juveniles were involved in some of the burglaries in the neighborhood but were not with Crizer the morning of the murder. One 15-year-old boy from Ellicott City has been charged with burglary and a second juvenile may also be charged.

Police believe as many as seven burglaries may have taken place prior to the shooting and are investigating to see if they are all related. Coins, watches, keys and jewelry were among the items taken.

According to police, the New Year's Day murder took place after Charlotte's parents picked her up from a party. A short time after arriving home, her mother heard a scuffle from inside Charlotte's room.

"She entered the room and found Charlotte struggling with a masked suspect," police wrote in a release following the shooting. "The suspect, now known to be Crizer, fired a shot at Suzanne Zaremba and another at her daughter Charlotte, before turning the gun on himself. Both the mask and the gun were recovered at the scene."

Charlotte was transported to a hospital where she was pronounced dead. Crizer was transported to a hospital in critical condition and died a few days later. It is unknown when or how Crizer made entry into the home.