Police: Evidence of crime found, but no human remains located at Fairfax County park

Police in Fairfax County said detectives have found evidence of a crime in Holmes Run Park where they have been conducting a search since Tuesday night. But so far, they have not discovered any human remains.

Detectives and investigators returned to the cordoned off section of the Fairfax County park on Thursday. This area is about 100 yards away from homes off of Crater Place and Everglades Drive.

Through the thick woods from a neighbor's yard, FOX 5 could see detectives using evidence bags, which were placed inside orange crates. They also used special measuring devices while collecting items in the woods.

Approximately a dozen law enforcement personnel were on the site sifting through the leaves and marking what they collected.

We first noticed this search site on Wednesday where FBI agents with the evidence response team were working in the area. A white tent, open on all four sides, had been set up in what appeared to be an effort to protect a small section of the woods where evidence had been found.

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Police are not saying much about the initial tip that has led to this search.

"That is something that we can't release right now," said Fairfax County Police Lt. Brian Gaydos. "Detectives are looking into where this information is coming from and the credibility of it. But we don't want to receive this information and do nothing, so we want to make sure we are out here and we are leaving no stone unturned in our search."

Holmes Run Park has been the scene of a previous search for remains several years ago. Back in May 2014, police and the FBI discovered two bodies inside this park. The victims were gang members who had been murdered and decapitated. Seven men were taken to trial and convicted in this case.