Police: Driver in fatal Southeast DC hit-and-run identified

D.C. police say investigators have identified the driver who left the scene of a fatal pedestrian accident that happened Friday night in front of United Medical Center in Southeast D.C.

It is the second fatal hit-and-run in that area in recent months.

The victim, Emebet Kebede, was remembered on Monday as everyone's mom -- a lady who loved to look after her patients and looked after anyone in need.

"You didn't need to know her for a long time to know how many things she was," said one friend we spoke with. "Just brief interactions would change your life. She was an amazing person."

At the family's home in Lanham, Maryland, cars carrying people who had come to pay their respects were lined up down the block. A sign directed drivers to additional parking spaces.

"She graduated from Howard [University's Physician Assistant] school and she's been working in Southeast since she graduated," said the victim's friend. "She could have gone anywhere, but she said these are my people. Who would help them if I wasn't here? That's why she stayed in that community because she knew that community needed the most help out of anybody."

But last Friday night, with her car in the shop, the 56-year-old left work and hurried to get to the Metro down the street. But before she could cross the Southern Avenue, Kebede was struck and killed.

She was killed in the exact same area where a 68-year-old woman was struck and killed by a hit-and-run driver last April.

There is no traffic light here and there is no crosswalk as people take their chances in crossing the busy four-lane road.

"This is a dangerous area," said one resident. "They have been talking about putting a light up here for a long time.

"Without a doubt, it has always been treacherous since I've been little," said another area resident.

A witness said she took a photo of the driver who she says stopped at the scene of the accident for quite some and was distraught and crying. But for whatever reason, he got back in his Chevy Tahoe and drove off.

Kebede's death is a big loss for United Medical Center.

"It's huge," said one co-worker. "Just speaking to some of her fellow colleagues, when you go to the eighth floor, which is the floor she was on mostly, you could feel her absence. It's kind of hard to believe she is not going to be there anymore and I am not quite sure how we are going to do without her."

People on the street outside of the medical center told us drivers fly down this road with no traffic light to stop them near the entrance to the hospital. A spokesperson for the hospital told FOX 5 that they have asked for a traffic light numerous times over the years.

A spokesperson for the District Department of Transportation told FOX 5 on Monday afternoon that United Medical Center will have a pedestrian crossing signal by the spring of next year.