Police: Chihuahua dies after alleged pit bull attack in Manassas Park

A chihuahua is dead after it was attacked by pit bulls in Manassas Park, according to police.

On Wednesday at around 11 a.m., officers were called to the 8200 block of White Pine Drive after getting reports of an animal attack.

When they arrived at the scene, police say they met with a man who said he had heard dogs barking from behind his home.

Police say the homeowner, Dell Hankins, opened his door and found two pit bulls attacking his nine-year-old pet chihuahua, named "Taco" in his backyard. The chihuahua later died from the injuries sustained in the attack.

Hankins told police a man who appeared to be Hispanic corralled the pit bulls after the attack and left the area before officers arrived.

Police say the man was wearing a white sleeveless shirt and black shirts. He was last seen walking toward Blooms Quarry Road.

The pit bulls are described by police as "larger than average; one is black in color and the other is beige in color."

Police say dogs are believed to be local to the area and "they have been seen running loose before."

If you have information on this incident, contact the Manassas Park Police at 703-361-1136.