Pit bull attacks multiple dogs at Takoma Park home leaving 2 dead, 4 injured

Takoma Park Police are investigating a pit bull dog attack that killed two dogs and left four dogs injured in a Montgomery County residence.

Authorities responded to a residence in the 7700 block of Carroll Avenue for an unknown emergency. Police say a woman was heard screaming on a 911 call with the sounds of barking dogs in the background. There was also a call received from the same residence about a potential gas leak.

Fire Rescue and police discovered smoke on the first floor emanating from a kitchen microwave. Firefighters determined that there was no gas leak or fire at the residence, however, they discovered several injured dogs. 

According to authorities, the residents of the home reported that they owned eight dogs, two of them being pit bulls that were kept separate from the other dogs at the residence. During the evacuation of the residence, the dogs were in the same area.

It is believed that one of the pit bulls became agitated and started attacking the other dogs. Montgomery County Animal Control took custody of the pit bull and transported it from the scene.

Authorities say there were no injuries to any occupants of the house. 


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