Photographer tracks down mystery wedding couple after dreamy cherry blossom pics

A local photographer was able to track down a mystery bridal couple after capturing the betrothed by chance last week at the Tidal Basin.

Local photographer Jeff Boodman's photograph of a couple in photos he snapped a week ago at the Tidal Basin (Photo: Jeff Boodman)

Jeff Boodman spoke with FOX 5 and said that he was near the Tidal Basin's cherry blossoms last Friday, April 2 when he saw the couple arrive with their own photographer.

"As I then moved out of the way to let them shoot, I caught one last shot: the couple embracing before their photographer was ready," Boodman tells FOX 5. "After I saw the photo, I turned around to offer it to them, but they were gone."

Boodman reached out on social media to try and find the couple. On Sunday, he posted this message on Instagram:

"We found them! Their talented wedding photographer just reached out to me to identify the couple. Thanks to everyone for your help! I really appreciate it!"