Pay It Forward: Woodbridge group helping homeless stay warm during winter

The DC area has experienced frigid temperatures, gusting winds, soaking rains, and snow over the last few weeks. But not everyone is fortunate enough to experience this wicked weather from the comfort and warmth of a home.

That's why one man from Woodbridge is stepping up to help.

Rich Garon said he and community church members decided to establish a homeless ministry seven years ago.

"Once you get involved you realize that these folks are human beings just as we are," Garon said.

Garon took his mission a step further and wrote a book called, "Lee Fitts," and uses the proceeds from the sales to help the Bill Mehr Drop-in Center in Woodbridge.

Melanie Barrow, the home services manager for the center, said support is needed but also empathy and involvement.

"We try to be a holistic program so that people come in they don't feel judged," Barrow explained. "There's no judgment here and they can start to put the pieces back together if they need to."

Garon and Barrow said there are a number of homeless people who live in the wooded areas in the vicinity of the center. Garon has been using donated money to also purchase propane tanks for the homeless so they can have a power source for cooking and heat.

FOX 5 DC and Easterns Automotive Group teamed up to help the Bill Mehr Drop-in Center continue to Pay It Forward.

Joel Bassam from Easterns Automotive Group presented the organization with a $2,000 check to help their cause.

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