Pay It Forward: Premature Widows help widows cope with loss of spouse

A Maryland woman is working to Pay It Forward by helping widows pick up the pieces as they cope with the loss of a spouse.

Connie Gilmore started Premature Widows in 2015 after she experienced the unimaginable loss of her husband and found herself drowning in a sea of grief.

Gilmore decided to help other widows by creating a village of support for those around her. Turning her tragedy into triumph, Gilmore's Premature Widows is hosting monthly events that allow widows to get out and have fun while discussing their situations.

"This is something where they feel like they could finally come and be themselves, be around people who were actually dealing with the same issues," Gilmore explained. "It's not one of those groups where we sit around and we're sad and cry all the time. We laugh, we enjoy ourselves and we work toward moving forward and we have each other."

FOX 5 and Eastern's Automotive Group teamed up to help Gilmore and Premature Widows in their mission to Pay It Forward. On Good Day DC, Joel Bassam announced that Eastern's Automotive Group would be giving Premature Widows $200 in gift cards for their next pizza party and would be helping to pay for the group's monthly meet-ups for the rest of the year.

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