Patti Austin: "We have to start loving each other more"

Singer Patti Austin, who was recently in D.C. for the National Mentoring Summit, shared her thought on being a mentor with FOX 5's Allison Seymour.

"I just want everybody to get it in their mind that we are responsible for each other," she said. "I don't care if the guy sitting next to you is the worse criminal on the planet earth. He didn't just come out of the womb that way. He got that way. The world made him that way. We have to make people a different way."

"You know, what's right. You know what's wrong. We all know. In our gut we know," Austin continued. "Even a serial killer knows he's doing the wrong thing."

"We have to start loving each other more - sharing information - and get ego out of your life."