Parents still awaiting task force policy recommendations following school child sex abuse scandal

Parents are still waiting to hear what policy changes Prince George's County Public Schools will make following a high-profile child pornography case involving a former school volunteer.

Deonte Carraway is still in jail on several child porn charges after being accused of creating videos of children performing sexual acts at Judge Sylvania Woods Elementary School in Glenarden.

The school system created a Student Safety Task Force in response to the criminal investigation against Carraway. School officials said it would conduct a review of the school district's current policies, procedures and processes. The task force was also supposed to release its recommendations by May 2 on how to deal with the issue moving forward to protect the students from other possible incidents.

The child porn and sex abuse allegations against the 22-year-old Carraway surfaced back in February. As a volunteer at the school, many parents want to know why he had access to children in a private forum and why this wasn't caught sooner.

During this time, Colin Byrd, a former Prince George's County student who is on track to study law, said he is genuinely concerned that the district was violating laws making the informational meetings open to the public. He filed a complaint against Prince George's County Public Schools saying it needs to be more transparent with the community.

"They have a right to know why the school system has been negligent for so long, for so many years in dealing with this important issue of child sexual abuse," said Byrd. "They have a right to answers without further delay. There have been delays. They have a right, in my opinion, from Kevin Maxwell, the overpaid CEO of the public school system, stand before them in a public forum and account for what transpired as well as entertain questions and concerns directly from the community."

We reached out to the Prince George's County Public Schools for comment about why the process is running longer than promised. A spokesperson said in a statement:

"The Student Safety Task Force sent out a survey for public comment. It took a little extra time to review the comments in the survey. It's a lot of work. They hope to have the recommendations soon. The recommendations are expected to be released in May. I don't have an exact date. No one is available for an interview until the recommendations are released."