Parents say MAGA hats led to fundraiser disruption

A Virginia middle school fundraiser ended early after parents said Make America Great Again hats led to a disruption.

It happened earlier this week during hat day at Marshall Middle School in Fauquier County, when students were allowed to pay $1 for the right to wear a hat to school, parents said.

According to a district spokesperson, “tensions between students caused the fundraiser to end early.” She wouldn’t confirm what caused the tension but did say all students were asked to remove their hats and no one was disciplined.

Nevertheless, the issue exploded on Facebook, leading to hundreds of comments.

“Wow! I’m sure this wasn’t an issue with the last president. SMH. Now all of a sudden it’s a problem,” one commenter said.

“Hats should’ve been for fun .. Nothing political or religious!!!!,” added another.

Friday night, more Fauquier County residents weighed in.

“What I heard is that the kids were bullying other kids who did not support Trump, which I don’t support,” Kaitlyn Camper said in a grocery store parking lot, located a couple of miles from the school.

“I think the kids have the right to wear the hat, but they shouldn’t have gone to bullying other people that don’t like Trump,” Jeff Baker added.

The Fauquier County Public Schools Code of Student Conduct doesn’t mention political apparel in its “Student Dress” section. It does, however, say “any student’s dress that is determined by school administration to be disruptive to the learning environment is not acceptable.”

After hat day was cancelled, parents said students were given the option to have their dollar refunded.