Parent says daughter attempted suicide at same Prince George's Co. school where students cut wrists

Seven students at a Prince George's County elementary school were treated by a school nurse on March 29 after officials said they cut their wrists using blades from pencil sharpeners. But it was nearly three weeks later on Tuesday that parents at William Paca Elementary School were notified about the incident.

However, FOX 5 has learned that one day before this happened, an attempted suicide took place at the Landover school.

The parents of a fourth grade student said their daughter has been repeatedly bullied at her school. They told FOX 5 she took an art apron into a school bathroom and attempted to hang herself.

They said it was a traumatizing event and are questioning the school's handling of the failed suicide attempt. They also claim emergency personnel was never called to the school to evaluate their child.

"I thought it was more than an incident. When a child is trying to take their life because other students are picking on them, I think that is an emergency," said William Vannall. "I think some paramedics should have been there to make sure she didn't mess her neck up or anything like that. I just thought more should have been done."

He added, "We got bullying problems and now you got children taking apart equipment to try to hurt and harm themselves. I'm thinking there is no supervision in this school or proper supervision."

The concerned father also believes the school brushed what happened with his daughter under the rug.

"The minute they came back from spring break, a letter should have been typed up and letting all parents know that bullying won't be tolerated," he said. "We just had a child almost kill themselves in a bathroom and nothing was sent out."

Prince George's County Public Schools spokesperson John White said in a statement:

"School security was called when the incident occurred. The school also has a full-time mental health counselor to support students. As a preventative step, counselors are providing guidance lessons to all students on a range of topics related to the recent incidents at William Paca ES."