Operations resume after Southwest outage at BWI, serious delays for customers

Normal operations have resumed at BWI after an outage at the Southwest Airlines domestic ticket counter. The outage reportedly made for serious delays for dozens of passengers Tuesday morning.

BWI said domestic ticket counters for Southwest Airlines returned to service. They say the airline is working to resume regular passenger check-in operations.

During the outage, passengers were reportedly being checked in at the International Counter, said BWI in a tweet.

The long lines were seen outside of the building, as Southwest passengers reported.

Passengers reported the lengthy delays on social media.

"We got through only to be told our flight had departed without us, despite no audible warnings and rushing through TSA pre-check," said BWI customer Heather Stone to FOX5 via Twitter.

Customers were reportedly put on other flights to get to their destinations. BWI and Southwest have not released any statements on the cause of the outage.