Obama arrives in Cuba for what he calls a "historic visit"

History is happening now in Cuba and Robert and Sivis Fernandez have plenty to say about it.

"I think it's a good thing having the first American President go there and I don't know. See if he can fix things over there. There's a lot of issues that need to be cleared up. It's been so many years in a communist country, maybe something can be worked out," said Robert Fernandez.

Fernandez is a first generation Cuban American and his wife, Sivis, was born in Cuba.

"I haven't been back to Cuba since I came to this country," said Sivis Fernandez.

When asked if she would visit now, "Maybe but not right now," said Fernandez in an interview with Fox 5's Tisha Lewis.

Even so, right now, President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, their daughters and the President's mother in law are in Cuba.

Obama is expected to meet with Cuban leader Raul Castro.

Sivis Fernandez says she still has family in Cuba.

When asked what do they think about Obama's visit, "They don't agree that he's there," said Sivis Fernandez.

The last President to visit the island nation was Calvin Coolidge.

Shortly thereafter, Fidel Castro overthrew the Batista regime and aligned himself with the Soviet Union prompting the strained relationship between Cuba and the United States.

One that lasted more than 50 years, until the Obama administrated restarted diplomatic relations with Cuba.

"I think the years of embargo have not brought about the result that we would like to see so I think there needs to be someone of a softening of the relationship between Cuba and the United States," said Tony Beam.

Beam is a pastor in South Carolina.

He says the first family's trip is happening too soon, "I think that it's premature," said Beam.

For Robert Fernandez, it's a start.

"A lot of people are upset about him being there. I think it's something good," said Fernandez.

Fox 5's Tisha Lewis reports while President Obama is expected to meet with Cuban leader Raul Castro, Obama is not meeting with his brother Fidel.