Now you can get Mambo Sauce on your Papa John's wings in the DMV

This is not a drill! Papa John's has partnered with Capital City to offer wings covered in D.C.'s signature mambo sauce.

Name a better duo than chicken wings bathed in mambo sauce, we'll wait!

Capital City, a locally owned black business which specializes in mambo sauce, made the announcement on their website.

"We care about what our customers and community thinks. Without YOU, there would be no Capital City. This was a hard decision to make considering Papa John's history."

The business went on to say that through various meetings and conversations, they've seen that Papa John's is comprised of "really great people" who are passionate about ensuring they do better in the communities they serve.

"We were given a once in a lifetime opportunity to partner with a national brand and we're committed to making this relationship successful and using our position to help support our community."

In addition to offering wings smothered in mambo sauce, customers also have the option of ordering chicken poppers with D.C. staple.

A locally owned Papa John's announced the partnership on Twitter.

If you live in D.C., Maryland or Virginia this is where you can find participating Papa John's locations.