Not creepy, but cool option for pet lovers in DC's historic Congressional Cemetery

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The District is getting its first ever pet cemetery. It's going to be part of historic Congressional Cemetery in Southeast, which is a rather unique spot.

Among the 70,000 people interred at the cemetery -- 160 members of Congress, J Edgar Hoover, the rather infamous director of the FBI, and not to mention former D.C. mayor and city councilmember Marion Barry. It's also the only cemetery in the world with an entire corner dedicated to the LGBTQ community.

There's so much history, but along the way, Congressional Cemetery became abandoned and overgrown.

A group of dog walkers took it upon themselves to mow the lawn in order to provide space when someone needed to be buried. It has grown from a little nugget of hope and niceness to an off-duty dog walking program that raises almost a quarter of a million dollars for restoration preservation.

Dog owners pay around $350 annually to belong and there's a three-year waiting list.

Members say they love it and describe a huge sense of community.

Pets will soon be buried in a quiet spot across from a naturally occurring spring the dogs love to play in. It's going to be called the Kingdom of Animals. Any type of pet will be allowed to be buried there, so the cemetery says it's kind of avoiding the pet cemetery name.

Cremated pet remains will start being buried as early as June. Plots will range from $500 to $1,400 and there are already have 35 families on a waiting list.