Northern Virginia neighbors still recovering after strong storms struck the DC region on Monday

MCLEAN, Va. (FOX 5 DC) -- Monday's downpour swamped a lot of homes and business across the region - and the D.C. area is still recovering nearly a week later.

From D.C. to Maryland to Northern Virginia - almost every corner of the region was impacted by the flooding in some way.

Maria Koropecky had to hire a Staten Island-based company to restore her McLean home.

"It's stressful it's a roller coaster of frustration, confusion and then some," Koropecky said.

The company traveled all the way down because the overabundance of restoration jobs overwhelmed many of the local companies.

Some other neighbors say a second round of severe rain on Thursday just added to the mess.

"We contacted the Fairfax County waste water management who is in charge of the storm drains which they say beyond the capacity of the storm drain and now VDOT would be the next group that would be responsible for coming up with a plan that could get the water out of this area," said Ali Ghobadi, another homeowner in the neighborhood.

We contacted the Virginia Department of Transportation and were told that crews will assess any locations that are reported, to remove debris, or make repairs, if needed. They also want homeowners to continue reporting any road issues.

FOX 5 also spoke with a local home insurance company and they say that flood is generally not covered so that would be something homeowners would have to contact the federal government about which means reading the fine print. Flood insurance can also sometimes be a separate coverage you can elect to add.