New information on suspect police say stabbed stepmom repeatedly

Amanda Rivera's nearly ten-year friendship with Magdalena Ruiz was brought to an end the night of Dec.18.

"She was a down to earth person and you can talk to her about anything," said Rivera.

Police said the suspect, 20-year-old Pontrey Jones was homeless and his father Pontrey Simon let him live with him and his wife Magdalena Ruiz at The Heights apartment complex off South Congress Avenue. Simon says his son, Jones is bipolar and has not taken medication in years.

"She said 'I guess I'll let him come into my life and our apartment.' I said that's up to you but you know he's a grown man, he should be on his own," said Rivera. Rivera says she felt uncomfortable about the situation but felt she couldn't say anything.

Police say on Sunday, Dec. 18, Jones hid a knife under the couch where his father and stepmom were watching the Dallas Cowboys game. He then walked out several times to get fresh air. According to police, Jones felt Ruiz was disrespecting his dad, touting the cowboys' victory, that's when he reached from behind and stabbed her repeatedly in the chest.

After a tussle with his father, police say Jones ran from the house, and stripped himself naked.

That's when police found and arrested him.

"He was kind of scary because he was like one of those people like if you want to say something, he would attack you," said Rivera. Ruiz was taken to a South Austin hospital, where she died not long after.

"I'm a little angry and pissed off about it because, why did he have to do that to her? Why did she have to leave with God? It wasn't her time to leave. It wasn't," said Rivera.

Rivera wonders how she will get through life without her best friend. "I just lost my mom six years ago to cancer and my brother too. It's making me emotional and sad because I don't have anybody to talk to," said Rivera.

The affidavit also states that Jones had something against his little sister, and wanted to break her neck. He then changed his mind and decided to kill Ruiz instead.

Jones is now in custody. He is charged with first degree murder.

There is a Go Fund Me for Ruiz's funeral expenses. To learn more or donate, click here.