New ad campaign uses provocative images to promote cancer detection and prevention

These provocative pictures are not what you think. They are part a new ad campaign for cancer prevention.

The Prevent Cancer Foundation is urging people to "Feel the Love and Check Your Mate."

Organizers say the social media campaign is about waking you up on stopping cancer, even if some people believe you have to see a whole lot of skin.

These images show fruit being squeezed and placed in front of women's chest squeezed and the touching of sporting equipment placed in front of a man's lower anatomy. It is a month-long social media campaign by the foundation in February that is meant to put the brakes on the disease and pushing for early detection.

"Check Your Mate is great," said Jan Bresch, CEO of the Prevent Cancer Foundation. "It covers all spectrums of what your partner may be – two males, two women, and a man and a woman. And it's proven that a partner may find a lump on you before you find it."

The foundation says it is hearing results of spouses finding curious lumps under their partner's skin as they are exploring each other's body just before lovemaking.

"I had a woman who I was talking to about this campaign and she said, ‘You know, three years ago, my husband found a lump in my breast. I never even felt it.'"

Even though some parents are not too hot about their kids seeing all the closeness, they agree the end result could mean saving a life.

"I think that if you make it an ordinary, acceptable, every day thing, then maybe people will listen to the message and practice some of what they are saying," one parent told us.

The Prevent Cancer Foundation says it isn't done with their hot topic ads. They have got another campaign coming up they say would make Howard Stern proud.