Navy veteran's truck brought in for repairs crashed by Virginia car dealership employee

All Navy veteran Matthew Becker wanted to do when he recently returned from Afghanistan was to drive his truck. But it's now wrecked after an employee at a car dealership ended up crashing the vehicle.

Becker said someone in his neighborhood recently T-boned his 2016 Ford F-150. He took it to get repaired at a local shop, but they couldn't fix it without the help of Jerry's Ford of Alexandria.

On Thursday, Becker got a call from the repair shop informing him that someone at Jerry's Ford crashed the truck that morning. It had almost been fixed. Becker said the new damage is estimated to be more than $10,000.

A manager from Jerry's Ford did not dispute the employee crashed Becker's truck, saying the employee took it on an overnight test drive nearly 30 minutes away to Prince William County as part of the repair process. The manager said the dealership's insurance company was handling the accident.

Becker wants other consumers to know that their cars may be transported long distances without their explicit permission while they are in for a repair.

"An accident 20 miles away from my house where the car has been overnight, I just don't find that acceptable," Becker said.

"I'm definitely going to check and make sure that if any place is repairing my car, that they are going to treat my car with respect and not take it overnight, and if they do need to test drive it, that it's done within a reasonable distance," said Becker.

Police are investigating the situation after Becker reported the incident to Fairfax County police. It's unclear if any charges will be filed.

The driver was not cited for the crash, which Prince William County police described as a fender bender.